Privacy Policy

Sidekick and its developer take your privacy very seriously. Sidekick does not sell or rent your data, and anonymous information is only collected to help make the app better.

Sidekick connects directly to the OpenAI API, a feature made possible by the use of user-owned API keys. No prompts or completions are ever shared with the developer of Sidekick. (In fact, Sidekick does not even have a backend to share such content with.) Conversations with ChatGPT in Sidekick were designed to be ephemeral and are thus not stored, not even locally.

The most sensitive information handled by Sidekick is the user's OpenAI API key. This key is stored locally in the user's keychain, and never leaves the device on which it was entered.

For analytics and crash reporting, Sidekick uses Firebase. This is purely to make the app better and to monitor to what extent the app is being used. All data collected through Firebase is anonymous and never contains any sensitive information.

If you have questions or concerns about any of the above, please contact